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Sunday, December 11, 2016

An Unconventional Shower for A Non-Traditional Wedding

It's a tradition of our church to host a bridal shower
for members
or children of members who grew up in the church and moved away
after college.

We take turns, hosting.

Today it was my turn
For a sweet girl who I taught in Sunday School and who was
in the youth group when I was a leader.

But not a traditional shower
For Natalie will be married in January on a beach in Mexico
Definitely a non-traditional wedding

Therefore, my co-hostesses and I decided on an unconventional shower
No lace tablecloths for us,
And no punch and little cakes and mints and nuts either!

We took all of the guests to a beach in Mexico for the shower!

A wicker tray full of sand and shells
like the beach in Mexico

Mexican chocolate cake

Sopapilla bars and Mexican wedding cakes
(how appropriate, the wedding cakes!)

And savories

A Mexican taco cup and Mexican street corn
And guacamole
(served with corn chips, of course)

Shells were scattered on the table
And a big clam shell held more little shells

Not punch, either, but Margaritas
Well, virgin margaritas
(for the shower was in church)
But the glasses did have salted rims.

It was fun, this unconventional shower

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