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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Celebrating A Birthday - Linderhof Style

It was a big birthday this year . . . 
No "just a dinner out" for Husband Jim
Instead he took me to the city
For two days!

Which meant a night in a hotel
But not just any hotel
This one was on the Country Club Plaza

And this was the view from our room!
The Plaza lights
Which to me are magical!

Many birthdays have been spent eating dinner on the Plaza
In Junior High School and High School, it was often at Sidney's but it was Sidney's on the Plaza
and if we got the right table, the lights were our view.


Christmas is not Christmas without the Plaza lights.
And this year we were immersed in them!

From down below
As we drive around the Plaza and look up and see the lights

Or from up above --

The roof of a parking garage which, in my opinion,
has one of the best views of the Plaza lights!

A trip to the Plaza is not without stopping by

For popcorn
cheese is Jim's favorite and I will admit that there is no other cheese popcorn
like Topsy's cheese popcorn
And cinnamon (I like to mix the two!)
There caramel is not shabby either!

After a spin around the Plaza admiring the lights,
And a wonderful dinner . . . 
We opened a bottle of bubbly
And toasted my birthday!


At the Bristol
which by now is a Kansas City tradition
it started on the Plaza but moved many years ago to Leawood.

The ceiling is as amazing as it's seafood!

My choice for dinner?

scallops with Brussels sprouts and carrots
I adore scallops and get them rarely
These were superb!

Alas, no birthday cake, but instead . . . 

 Birthday creme brûlée!
One of my all time favorite desserts!

But I did get a cake

When our Birthday Lunch Group celebrated my birthday
with lunch
and cake!

It was a memorable couple of days for a memorable birthday!
My feet are back on the ground and now we're getting ready for Christmas!


grand pam said...

Thank you for sharing your birthday. I enjoyed all the lights, dinner, and all of your post. Hope 2017 brings good health, much happiness, and many days of wonder.

Bernideen said...

Happy birthday and looks like a wonderful celebration!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Happy belated birthday! What a lovely way to celebrate.

martea said...

Birthday wishes for a whole year ahead that is as magical as the Plaza lights.