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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cooking With Ina

Continuing my
"Cooking With Ina"
for 2017,
I fixed the following:

Blue Cheese Dressing
Make It Ahead
Her salad was iceberg with the blue cheese dressing,
I used romaine because Husband Jim favors it
The blue cheese dressing goes together quickly
and has simple ingredients that one always has on it.
I have a favorite blue cheese dressing that I've had "forever"
This isn't quite as good, but it takes less ingredients and is easy to make.
I would make it again.

We feasted again on beef bourguignon
It makes a lot!
This time I served it as Ina did on grilled bread rubbed with garlic
It was really good that way and liked it much better than the way
I had originally served it.

Picture form Ina -- I forgot to take a picture!

Angel hair pasta with Cherry tomatoes
This is a favorite that I make a lot -- especially in the summer
when the cherry tomatoes come from the Farmer's Market.
It's a favorite and easy summer lunch or dinner for us.

Pain Perdue
Served not as Ina did -- with strawberries and almonds and a shower of powdered sugar --
for dessert
But rather the "American" way -- for breakfast!
We prefer granulated sugar sprinkled on it rather than powdered sugar
I really did like what Ina added to the eggs and milk -- vanilla, honey and orange zest
I will definitely follow this recipe next time I make "French" toast!

Baked Shrimp Scampi
OMG, is this ever good!    Although I've good a lot from Ina, I've not made this before.
But it won't be the last.    It is fantastic!    Husband Jim raved about it as well!

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