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Monday, March 20, 2017

England Meets The South . . .

When we lived in England that Spring, one of our favorite dinners
was Fish 'N' Chips

There was not a "Chips" shop in our little village but there was one
in the village next to us
We would stop at the market and pop in next door for a couple of orders of fish 'n' chips
to take home

There are so many small fish 'n' chips shops throughout England
Small shops
To Go shops

Inside is plain
And it's to go only
(or as they say "Take Away)
With a menu board
(ala McDonald's)
from which to make your selection

Once home, we'd unwrap the greasy paper revealing a mass of chips (which we know as French fries)
and a nice piece of deep fried battered fish

We bought a bottle of malt vinegar and kept it at home
for those fish 'n' chips nights.
British battered fish 'n' chips need malt vinegar!

Oh, how I miss those meals!

Long John Silvers does not compare (like fish to fish sticks) and even some "Irish" pubs
in the city just don't do it right!

Then in the tiny Southwestern Missouri town of Lamar,
there is

With a British flag and the words "fish and chips",
I thought I might be entering fish 'n' chips heaven!

It's a quaint place
It's a small place

The kitchen is open

And yes, they do serve wonderful fish 'n' chips

Cod, fresh out of the fryer 
(would there be any other way for "Cap"?)

Served with chips
And the "South" part of it --
coleslaw and hushpuppies
We are, after all, in South Missouri!

Owner Charles James
stopped by our table
So not only do you get good food you get great service.
It's always nice when the owner comes by to see if you like your food!

And how you know you're eating proper British fish 'n' chips!

Cap's Cabin serves other food -- hamburgers including a Juicy Lucy
(for those misplaced Minnesotians who are carving their favorite food!)

We'll be back
For it was not just good food -- it was great food!

And Fort Scottians or Nevadans don't seem to give a second thought to
traveling for good food.   

And if you think you've heard of Lamar,
you have
It's famous

As the birthplace of Harry S. Truman in 1884
The "Man from Independence" was really the "Man from Lamar"
although his time in Lamar was brief!

It's a fun stop when you're in town to eat at Cap's Cabin!


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

This looks delicious....We used to have a wonderful restaurant near Lake Chautauqua, New York, called Davy's. They had the best fish and chips meal. Alas, they have been out of business for many years now. And I have not had anything as good since. Perhaps, someday, if I'm ever in Lamar Missouri.........

Charles said...

Come back and see us! We have moved to the historic Lamar square!