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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sometimes Smaller IS Better!

 Our Master Bedroom --
the bed faces the fireplace and because it is a queen, there is only room for one bedside table.

But then, I'm the only one who reads in bed at night anyway, so that's fine!

 The table is mahogany, 40s or 50s and good quality.
I like the lines and although it is a bit low, the lamp is tall enough that it isn't a problem!

Well, the height of it isn't a problem
But the width of it is!
As you can see the doorstop for Jim's closet door is to the right of the edge of the table.
When Jim gets in his closet, the table gets shoved in the bed so that he can open the door!
Then when I come up later, I have to "shove" it back!
(Also, you can see the pictures and mirror are not lined up either -- the mirror should be in the middle of the bed and it isn't!    That's because I shoved the bed to the right so that when Jim shoved the bedside table into the bed he could open his closet door!)


And so I was on the lookout for something smaller
Not an out and out hunt
But when I was out and about, I would look at tables
for something smaller.

A favorite shop in out little town is
Iron Star
Barbara has such good finds -- a mixture of new and antique
And she does consignments so there is often one of a kind treasures!

Sunday, I stopped by there and spotted a little Victorian bedside table.
I hemmed and hawed and left it,
And then I called her and told her to put my name on it, that I would be by Monday
And could I bring in my old one for trade
She agreed --

Monday, I made the trade

Walnut, definitely Victorian
With a draw
And two shelves behind closed doors
(I love closed doors -- they hide a multitude of sins!)
And definitely much smaller!

Jim's closet  door opens fully without having to move the table!

I like this darling little table!
I like the fact that it is small -- it keeps clutter from the top
Just a lamp and the clock
(current book and glasses in drawer)
future and past books behind the closed door!

My little mahogany table is at Barbara's Iron Star,
awaiting a new home.

I think it was a win/win!!!!


Bernideen said...

That looks fabulous and such a perfect fit and the other table - wonderful little beside the chair piece for a cup of tea!

Louca por porcelana said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS !!!Thanks for sharing.

Deanna said...

Hello from my corner of the world. What a nice swap you have made. LOVE the victorian piece. Beautiful.
Think this piece will suit you nicely as it is a lovely addition to your beautiful bedroom.