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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


We've been away
Not vacationing but rather visiting
to Minnesota to see the Grands
(and daughter and son in law)

One thing we like to do as we travel is to visit antique malls, flea markets
and thrift shops.

Some of my "loot" from this trip!

I'm always on the lookout for books.    I love new books on herbs and this seems like a good one, I have all of Edith Holden's books except her cookery one -- now I have that one too!   The other book which is on the kitchen garden plans should be an invaluable resource as I change my herb beds this year.

I'm a sucker for silver . . . and it was something I needed!

A small silver punch ladle . . . for my small punch bowl.
I find I use that more than my big ones . . .
For I never make punch for 100 . . . but often make punch for 20 to 30!

I've been on the lookout for one
and while in Minnesota we went to an amazing estate sale . . . 
There were two for sale at the sale --


was what interested me the most in this one -- I'm also a sucker for something monogramed
but what sold me on

was what was on the back!
dated 1873 -- which makes it 144 years old
and I assume the "X" stands for Christmas --
much cheaper to put an "X" rather than to spell out "Christmas" or "Xmas"
(plus it's a ladle handle -- there isn't a whole lot of room!)

And from a silver ladle to the mundane . . . 

Two smaller wooden spoons (a nice size I find)
for 25 cents total!

I like linens -- both bed and table
I'm extremely fond of lacy ones and these pillowcases are perfect!

Everyone knows my love of blue and white

A milk jug -- not a cream pitcher -- it holds about 3 cups

It's English (of course)
and is by Wood and sons -- the "potters for 100 years" date it to 
pre World War 2

You can see how much bigger it is than my cream pitcher.
It should look stunning on the breakfast room table
filled with garden flowers!

And my last "loot"

A sterling silver napkin ring . . . from the same place I bought the ladle.
I've collected them for a long time and I have lots
so I now get picky.

I've not bought one in a long time --
In fact, I think the last time was in 2013
(which is 4 years!)

But I couldn't pass this up!
(Plus it was only $28 which for a sterling one is quite a bargain!)
But I never buy plain napkin rings
They have to have a name and now I'm getting more particular about that name.
This had a Scandinavian name on it . . . and I don't have a Scandinavian one,


Once home, I wanted to look up the Grinhild family . . . 
Turns out that it isn't the Grinhild "family"
It's Grinhild 
as in a first name
Now the napkin ring is even more special to me
for I adore that name!

I always think I never need anything . . . 
But I came home this trip loaded with loot!

The only thing I didn't come home with is plants!


Ginene Nagel said...

Hi Martha,
I think that was a brilliant idea that the X stands for Christmas. It is always fun to find new additions to a collection. I think your napkin ring says, "Gunhild." That is a feminine name. Lovely blue and white milk pitcher, too.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Lovely lot of loot! What fun you had finding it.
I have that herb book and think it a very good one. Haven't looked at it in years, but will have to tomorrow.I like everything you found! I don't entertain that much myself, outside of family, and have passed my punch bowls on to my daughters, but I might not be able to pass up a ladle with that inscription.

Hilly said...

Hello Martha,
My first comment on your blog.��
I have to agree with Ginene, I think the name on the napkin ring is actually Gunhild. What a wonderful name! Also, in case you don't know, the sheet design, or pattern, is 'Beacon Hill' by Wamsutta. I have a couple sets of those sheets—I've had them for at least thirty-five years.
Love your loot, especially that 1873 ladle!

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Always fun to go treasure hunting! You found some lovely items.

Anonymous said...

The ladle is wonderful, a great find. Add me to the 'Gunhild' group. I had a high school friend with a Norwegian cousin named Gunhilda.

Entertaining Women said...

I gave Beacon Hill sheets to my mother more than thirty years ago, and now I have them. They are beautiful. I think it's Gunhild, too because the "second" 'i' is dotted and not what would be the "first" one. I want to travel with you all. Sweet Mister is always a straight through get there as fast as you can guy. I love stopping at antique shops along the way, too. Cherry Kay

Carrie said...

What wonderful finds.

Bridget said...

The author of the post should be proud of himself.