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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What I Did To Celebrate Harry Truman's Birthday!

Do you celebrate Truman's Birthday?
I always do and have since the 70s

Harry S Truman
"The Man From Independence"
Growing up in Kansas City, he was "our" President
and you often saw he and his wife out and about

So how do I celebrate?

By moving the houseplants outside to the Baker's rack on the Patio
Where they will stretch their stems toward the sun 
And bask in the warm of the summer and the light of outside
And be happy plants

But inside . . . 

The breakfast room looks barren!
No greenery, only remnants of plant care on the floor
However, fresh garden flowers are on the table
which is a trade off of sorts

Why do I celebrate Harry's birthday this way?
Because in my other life when I worked, it was a State holiday
And I had the day off
In our zone 6, Mother's Day is a safe date to plant or move plants outside
No more chance of frost
Harry Truman was born on May 8, and Mother's Day is always falls somewhat close
Thus, it's a great day to move the plants out
And really clean the breakfast room!

But I usually also celebrate food wise

If you want the recipe, it will be in Saturday's issue of The Nevada Daily Mail or The Fort Scott Tribune

This year I made Bess's frozen lemon pie for dessert
Monday night

The plants are happy although I have the chore of more constant watering once they're outside
But come fall, I enjoy seeing how much they've grown over the summer.

And it's a rite of Spring
Moving the plants outside on Harry's Birthday


Miss Jane said...

I just finished catching up on all your wonderful posts. You have a wonderful blog and I truly enjoy 'visiting' with you and catching up on all that's been happening at Linderhof. By the looks of it you have loads of energy and a wealth of creativity, talent and wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

P.S. Where did you find those lovely watercolors that you use for menus?

Martha said...

Miss Jane -- I got them on the internet -- googled watercolor iris and they popped up so I used them for the menus. I like menus specific to the event.