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Friday, August 25, 2017

A Change In The Breakfast Room

The breakfast room is not original to Linderhof
It wasn't even a porch that we enclosed
Where the brick floor is years ago was garden!

But it is one of our favorite rooms
And one of our smallest
But it's perfect for breakfast and lunch and tea and even casual dinners
When we first furnished it, we used our Duncan Phyfe chairs
That we had gotten with our dining room set when we moved her almost 30 years ago
Other chairs took their place but we held on to them
And once the breakfast room was completed,
they were the perfect chair to go around the breakfast room table

Husband Jim wanted them painted black and so I did
And got a black background colorful toile for the seats
And so they remained . . . 
Until I decided last year that I wanted to take them back to the original mahogany
And, because I needlepoint, that they deserved needlepoint seats

The needlepoint is really more burgundy than red but there were 3 magnolias
(two the same) and one different and a daffodil.
I needlepoint but I did not do the chair seats
I bought them off eBay -- from two different vendors.

However, I grew tired of the burgundy and the big flowers
I had not done the needlepoint
And so I decided to look for some fabric for the seats.

I adore toile
And that that perhaps a different toile might be a good choice.
I wandered into Hobby Lobby on Monday
And found this --

The subtle coloring I was hoping for
With a hint of blue -- perfect!
And it was on sale!

Tuesday, I recovered the seats

The fabric looks good with the brown of the chairs
And looks good in the room where it picks up the blue in the dishes in the sideboard

I'm a cheap reupholstered and so each chair is a bit different.
I didn't buy enough fabric to make sure that every chair seat was exactly the same
But, actually, I prefer it that way

I like the new look
Subtle enough that it doesn't overpower the green of the garden outside the windows.

And last night at dusk, when I was coming in from the garden,
I snapped ap picture of the breakfast room
New chair seats and all!


Kathy said...

A nice change; very pretty!


Your breakfast room is so lovely, warm and inviting and I love your table. Now the DF recovered chairs look so perfect with such a pretty material you chose. I love it !
My DF chairs are now in the breakfast-nook in the kitchen painted in off white.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I really love that last photo. When I clicked on it and saw it enlarged I was charmed by the warm and charming look of that room. I like the new look of the chairs.

My Cozy Corner said...

I love the evening photo. Looking thru your window and admiring all your beautiful dishes and of course, the recovered chair seats are fabulous.

Bernideen said...

Lovely toile!!!

Entertaining Women said...

I adore your porch/breakfast room, and the chairs are lovely. Of course you and I share a love of things blue. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

Francie Newcomb said...

The toile with a little blue is my favorite of all.