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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A New Pitcher

I'm not sure if you would call it stalking,
but a year or so ago, I found a pretty pitcher
that I took a liking to
in a flea market in Nevada, Missouri

But it was pricey -- $50.00
And did I need a pitcher?

Of course, I didn't and so it stayed.

Every time I went to Nevada for lunch and shopping with
friend Shirley Ann, I would visit "my" pitcher.

And there it stayed.
$50.00 was really too much for a pitcher in a small flea market in a little town!

After about 8 months, it was marked down to $39.00
And I continued to visit 
Enamored by the pretty little pitcher.

I even got so bold one visit to ask
the person behind the counter, if they would take less.

The answer was "no".

So I left it.

Then this month, I decided that I really wanted that pitcher.
A want for a year is not an impulse buy
And so friend Shirley Ann was tasked in picking up the pitcher for me and bringing it 
over when she came to lunch later that week.

And now it is mine!

It's a pretty little pitcher.
I'm not sure of it's age
But when I checked on eBay for similar pitchers, it was listed as "Victorian"
And, of course, you can believe everything you read on eBay!

It's hand blown but into a mold not free style
for it has a pontil on the bottom

And this wonderful "lacy" top

And some great decoration on the bottom of the pitcher
Some green and gold

It does look quite handsome filled with iced tea!

And I treated friend Shirley Ann to tea on the porch.
It's cooler this week.
And I baked lemon blueberry scuffins to nibble on while we drank tea
from my 


Bernideen said...

That is gorgeous and does look Victorian.....the iced tea looks amazing in it! Just like us in fancy clothes - ha!

Deanna said...


Connie said...

That is such a beautiful pitcher - looks like it was worth waiting for. I'm curious about your "scruffins." I'm guessing it is a cross between a scone and a muffin? Sounds like something I would love!

KathyB. said...

It really is a beautiful pitcher, and after a year of wanting it but restraining yourself in the buying, I think you came out just peachy ! It looks like it has always belonged on your table offering up iced tea.


What a beautiful find this pitcher is!

I always check things that don't show a brand on e-BAY and yes, I believe them, lol..

Nice to see you around.


Carrie said...

Beautiful pitcher.

ellen b said...

It is very pretty!

Lady Katherine said...

Lovely! Happy you finally got it!

Southerncook said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new pitcher. I really think I need your recipe for that scrumptious looking tea nosh.


The Victorian Girl said...

I know a lady who collects that type of pitcher and she calls them Lemonade Pitchers. She has some that have matching glasses too.

Petra said...

What a beautiful pitcher! I completely understand why you wanted it.