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Friday, September 1, 2017

Making A New Lamp Perfect

I love alabaster/marble lamps
But they are rare
I hardly ever see them in high end shops
And in Antique Malls, you don't run into them very often either.
I've been wanting one for the bedside table in our guest room
And I've been searching a long time!

Last week, I found my treasure . . . 
And I even had a silk lampshade that would work,
but . . .

The shade looks wrong
Like the lamp is wearing "high water pants"

Buy another shade, you say --
But this one was a bit more than I like to spend 
thus I'd like to keep it --

In my opinion the culprit

Is the harp
Notice how "tall" it is?
It came with the lamp

We were out and about today
One stop on my list was Hobby Lobby for a new and shorter harp
But first we stopped at a thrift shop

And I found this!
A shorter harp
Not by itself -- it was attached to a lamp
But it was a $2.00 lamp and today was half price day!
The new and shorter harp cost me all of $1.00
(compared to the $8 to $10 I might have paid at Hobby Lobby)

Doesn't even look like the same lamp!
No more "high water pants"

It looks as if the shade came with the lamp!

And I love the new lamp on the bedside table in the guest room!

Oh, and the lamp it came on?    I was going to give it to the local thrift shop,
but first I checked with a friend . . . 
She said she could use the lamp!
So even the bottom gets a new home!


Francie Newcomb said...

That is very pretty, Martha, and I also like the wallpaper. It looks so homey and nostalgic.

Pondside said...

Inhale always admired your guestroom, Martha. The lamp looks like it was made just for the room.

Pondside said...

Inhale always admired your guestroom, Martha. The lamp looks like it was made just for the room.

Unknown said...

Hi Martha, I think your fabulous lamp is marble. At least the part with the grey veining is marble. I have an on-going lamp harp issue in my shop because if the wiring is good, I don't like to rewire and so many of the older lamps don't have the harp that can be squeezed to remove. Tell us about the medallion on the ceiling of your charming guest room. Are you hand-painting it?