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Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Cooking Class . . . As A Student

One of my favorite cookies are
They're French, they're yummy, they're colorful

And they're expensive!

And they turned out although I didn't have all the nuances
for making these tasty French treats!
Because of being so colorful they were perfect for Easter

But I also found a source in the city for these wonderful goodies:

A charming little shop

 And I would buy a few if I were in the city and near the store

Then on Thursday . . . 
I was in Natasha's kitchen!

There to learn how to make macarons!
With friend Vonnie and four other students
Vonnie was the high bidder on a package that included this cooking class
And I was the lucky person that got to go with her!
I felt very fortunate to be included!

Vicki and Natasha were great teachers
And the recipe was in true bakery language
for it was in weight rather than amount!

We . . . 

Whipped egg whites

And heated syrup

And mixed the two together until it was the perfect macaron consistency.
We then piped them onto parchment paper  . . .
Ready for the oven after they "cured"

And while they rested and cured, we turned our hand at Italian buttercream
for the filling

We chose  four flavors:
Champagne, strawberry, pistacchio and almond

Finally, the "tops and bottoms" were done and out of the oven

We piped the filling and made the little sandwich cookies

I think they look quite professional!

 And we each got a box to take home!

And my box . . . 

Was brought out for tea Friday afternoon

Looking quite professional in Natasha's box

They were perfect for Friday afternoon tea
And for several more teas to come!

Will I make them again!
Definitely . . .
But not for me but rather when I have a tea party and I want a special treat for my guests
For they are a special cookie and not an everyday cookie jar cookie!

But I must admit that as long as my box lasts, macarons will be on my afternoon tea menu!


Ginene Nagel said...

What a charming thing to do on a November day!
I enjoyed this post.

Dawn said...

Re. Macarons
French: yes
Yummy: no
Colorful: yes
They remind me of 'The Emperor's New Clothes'

Sandra said...

Such a treat to get a lesson on making those special cookies! They look beautiful and delicious. The beautiful box is a bonus!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

So good to see you have not stopped blogging! Macarons look like such fun. Going to the class with your friend must have been a real treat.