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Friday, November 24, 2017

New Sofa . . . and Chair

My husband is hard on sofas
I am envious whenever I hear of people who have their sofas for twenty years
Two is our average
And so in the almost 30 years at Linderhof
we've had a lot of sofas

And we've got another!

It's a paisley by Moussard
which we found was a very good brand
selling at Neiman Marcus and Horchows
So they're not cheap!
It's a color that goes well in our living room

And when we bought the sofa, we also bought . . . 

A chair!
It's a good brand, too, CR Laine,
so "exclusive" that all of the sellers on line say
"call for quote"

It replaces  . . . 

This sofa
Which although nice looking in this picture
was not worth the $800 we paid for it
For it didn't even last a year
Before it broke down in the middle
(and you could reach behind the cushion and touch the floor)
And then the leather started coming off the seats
(Unfortunately, the company we bought it from is no longer in business)

And the chair . . . 

A consistent store find 1 1/2 years ago -- it had started to wear in the front 
where my legs rub against the cushion
Not bad but I was thinking that I would have to get it reupholstered next
year . . . but, now I don't!

The living room with the old sofa

And the living room with the new one

Actually, I think it looks better than the "old" one --
the lighter color just goes better in the room with the rest of our furniture and curtains.
The pattern, too, adds a little bit of texture

And as seen as you come down the stairs -- chair on the right
and sofa on the left

I won't say we were actually looking for a sofa and I definitely was not looking for a chair
But those things are always in the back of your mind --
 the fact that we would soon be needing a sofa

And Husband Jim enjoys thrifting and is always on the lookout . . . 
We were in the city last week --
I had a meeting while he shopped
He went to lunch with his friends
While I had lunch somewhere else with a friend
We got together after
And he was so excited --
he had found the sofa
at a Thrift Shop

I was a bit skeptical because often the bones of Thrift Shop sofas are good
but the upholstery doesn't always fit
But if it's cheap enough, one can always reupholster

We walked in and I was grateful it wasn't the red, blue and green plaid one that I first saw
Then he showed me 

this one.
I liked the color, the style is classic, I noticed the label said "Moussard"
And the price was certainly right.

Next to it was 

I've always liked this style and the price was certainly right
Much less than what it would cost to reupholster my current chair
It's brand was CR Laine

The store wouldn't hold them for us, even if we paid for them
We took a chance and next day Jim borrowed a truck and went to get them
Luckily they were still there

I haven't been this excited about furniture in a long time
They fit at Linderhof
As though we went to one expensive showroom and selected the pieces and upholstery

Are you curious as to what we paid for them?
Less than $50 for both pieces!

If the sofa doesn't last a year, the cost per year for the sofa is a lot less than the last one!
But I'm thinking the quality may be there
And this may be our "forever" sofa

And that's something I always wanted --
A "forever" sofa
Good enough to reupholster every 10 years or so!

We'll see . . . 


Anonymous said...

Don't mean to be picky but maybe you are not aware that the cushion on the left is facing the wrong way.
The zipper should be facing the back.

Bernideen said...

Looks fabulous! Very comfy and conducive to relaxation! That's what's it's all about!

Unknown said...

Yes, I took the pictures right after DH brought it in and I AFTER the pics I did realize that it was backward. It's fixed now . . .

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Oh, my, you were so lucky. The new sofa looks great, and so does the chair. I like the lighter color in your living room. May this be your "forever sofa", indeed. (I've never had one of those, but I think I may now and I bought it from a woman we know who is moving....) But I have a forever chair. I have a photograph of myself sitting in it holding a Little Golden book, in 1946, when I was just over a year old! It's been reupholstered many times and needs it again. But it has really lasted well!

Autumn's Glory said...

Those were some lucky furniture finds and they look great in your lovely home. Happy for you. You were in the right place at the right time.

Pondside said...

Well done, Martha. Those are two very good-looking pieces. They were waiting just for you!

Dawn said...

My goodness, how long did it take for the girls to destroy the Christmas Village....