Gardening, Cooking and Decorating on the Prairie of Kansas

Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Company for Lunch

I love to have company for lunch
And two of my favorites are Shaun and Jeffrey,
dear friends
To make a fourth, friend Jean joined our group
Luncheon is always served in the dining room

the table set for a company lunch

A Quaker lace cloth
my Aynsley Pembroke china
damask napkins in silver rings

The Aynsley Pembroke
A 1900s plate on the bottom and a 2000s cream soup cup and saucer on top
Flowers in a silver centerpiece flanked by tall candles in silver candlesticks

Whenever I entertain . . . 

It takes a library to prepare a meal
I love choosing a menu and recipes from different books

Butternut Squash Soup
an adaptation of Pumpkin Soup from Anna Pump's Country Weekend Entertaining

Parmesan Biscuit Bites 
from Top of the Cellar Tea Room Cookbook

Champagne Chicken
from Damon Lee Fowler's Savannah Cookbook

Chocolate Raspberry Christmas Cake
from a forum that I visit
Received rave reviews on the forum and so I thought it would be a great dessert for company

Because I baked it in my small bundt pans, I served three slices
topped with whipped cream and garnished with fresh raspberries

We ate and talked and all too soon it was after 2 p.m.
And they had to leave!

It was a fun afternoon and I love having company over --
spending the morning cooking food
And then having guests enjoy my meal around my dining room table.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Cookbook Book Club 2018

We meet on the last Thursday of the month,
The Cookbook Book Club

So October is always our last meeting
for Thanksgiving and Christmas
are the last of November and December

For January, we had to go to Plan B
Rita was gracious to offer her home for our meeting

It was a wonderful array!

Our "go to" when we're at a loss is always appetizers

We had a wonderful array!

Angela's  Thai lettuce wraps
Her presentation is like a magazine spread
And they were good!!!

Rita's Dixie's Salsa
It's good, it's easy and would be a great addition to a Super Bowl party!

Donna's Tri Color Hummus (regular, sun dried tomato and spinach and parsley)
plus roasted carrot dip
They were all good but I think a lot of us fell in love with the carrot dip!

Belynda's breadsticks
Easy but oh, so good
And such a cute presentation as well -- upright in a container rather than flat on a plate!

Michelle's cranberry and goat cheese
An Ina "recipe" 
You don't have to make everything --
You buy "good" and serve it with a smile
And it was very good!

Belynda's Korean Chicken wings

Barbara's cold veggie pizza
I've eaten it before, I've made it a time or two but Barbara's was the best I've ever had
Perhaps it was the chopped vegetables on top -- 
She used a bag of chopped veggie salad rather than chopping the vegetables herself 
How smart is that!

 My garlic clouds
They were deflated clouds but still tasted good and garlicky!

The first plate with tastes of everything!
We all went back for seconds
(And I think a few of us went back for thirds!)

And no meeting of the Cookbook Book Club
can be complete without dessert

Rhonda's Very Vanilla Cake
Which was very good although it was not pretty.

And I didn't get a picture of the Red Velvet Cake that Michelle brought to celebrate
Belynda's birthday earlier in the week.

It was good to be back together again
We talked, we laughed, we ate, we got caught up.

We're eagerly awaiting February --
We're being taught how to make pizza crust
And we're each bringing toppings!

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Breakfast Room Chairs . . . .

Our Breakfast Room
Breakfast porch
tacked onto the back of the house

It's where we eat most of our meals

It's not original to the house
We added it in 2007
And a wonderful addition it has been

But this isn't about the breakfast room
It's about the breakfast room chairs!

Duncan Phyfe from the 30s or 40s I expect
They came with our dining room set
As most of these sets were
When I bought our "good" dining room chairs
I relegated these to the basement.
They were too good to get rid of.

And then we built the breakfast room
And I had chairs in the basement!

Husband Jim insisted on painting them black.
I'm not sure why, but we did
(and I hate to paint wood)

We covered the chairs in a black background toile 
Which seemed to fit

And we lived happily until 2015
For the black was starting to wear and I wanted my
"wood chairs" back!
So we stripped them

black painted chair on the left, refinished wood chair on the right

The black toile did not look as good and I found these wonderful
needlepoint chair seats on ebay
(and I so love needlepoint)

The chair seats
Summer of 2015

And they were pretty needlepoint
But there was just something
"not quite right"
with the needlepoint

The chair seats
August 2017

I found this toile that I thought went better with the wooden chairs

Better than the needlepoint

And then this January, I was housecleaning
Well, actually doing by January
"cabinets, closets and drawers" cleaning

I found fabric
Fabric I had bought for the breakfast room  chairs
about three years  ago
at a wonderful upholstery/drapery fabric shop in Springfield

I think the reason why I did not change out the chair seats then
was because they were black
And the fabric did not look good with the black chairs

But they're no longer black
And so one January afternoon,
I took the chairs apart again
And put the new fabric on the chairs!

I like them
A gold on gold textured damask
Which looks good with the wooden chairs
And the rest of the breakfast room furnishings.

So far my tally is:

Original chair seats -- 8 years
Needlepoint chair seats - 2 years
Second Toile chair seats - 5 months

I don't feel like I'm a changer just to change
But when something is "not right", I'll continue to work on it
until it is!

And hopefully, the seats are "just right"!

Part of my busy January!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

It's Not My Fault

We had a great Christmas . . . 
Sarah and her family came down from Minnesota

However, my "Apple" got sick!

His illness helped along by . . . a person I shall not name
(I want to stay on his good side)

"Apple" got taken to the Apple Doctor, who advised us to leave her for she was really ill
So ill in fact she had to have surgery
Sigh, a week without my little "Apple"
(But I limped along with Husband Jim's old Chrome)

She arrived back hale and healthy
And when I tried to sign in to my blog,
it wouldn't let me
It didn't recognize my email

I couldn't understand why
I googled and searched and got to the blogger site
But, alas, nothing could tell me how to get into my blog

And then I remembered
I started the blog in 2008
I had a different server.
I had a different email.
But I couldn't remember what it was!

And tonight it all came back
So here I am again

But in the weeks since my last post . . . 
We had Christmas

The girls were enthralled by the Magical City of Scott

 I have many afternoon teas
(orange nutmeg madeleines are my tea nosh)

I've entertained

Returned the house to it's January bareness
(which means the Christmas tree is down and all the decorations are in bins in the basement)

Painted my kitchen island green

And recovered the breakfast room chairs (again!)

It's good to be back . . . I have weeks of stories to tell!