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Friday, January 26, 2018

Cookbook Book Club 2018

We meet on the last Thursday of the month,
The Cookbook Book Club

So October is always our last meeting
for Thanksgiving and Christmas
are the last of November and December

For January, we had to go to Plan B
Rita was gracious to offer her home for our meeting

It was a wonderful array!

Our "go to" when we're at a loss is always appetizers

We had a wonderful array!

Angela's  Thai lettuce wraps
Her presentation is like a magazine spread
And they were good!!!

Rita's Dixie's Salsa
It's good, it's easy and would be a great addition to a Super Bowl party!

Donna's Tri Color Hummus (regular, sun dried tomato and spinach and parsley)
plus roasted carrot dip
They were all good but I think a lot of us fell in love with the carrot dip!

Belynda's breadsticks
Easy but oh, so good
And such a cute presentation as well -- upright in a container rather than flat on a plate!

Michelle's cranberry and goat cheese
An Ina "recipe" 
You don't have to make everything --
You buy "good" and serve it with a smile
And it was very good!

Belynda's Korean Chicken wings

Barbara's cold veggie pizza
I've eaten it before, I've made it a time or two but Barbara's was the best I've ever had
Perhaps it was the chopped vegetables on top -- 
She used a bag of chopped veggie salad rather than chopping the vegetables herself 
How smart is that!

 My garlic clouds
They were deflated clouds but still tasted good and garlicky!

The first plate with tastes of everything!
We all went back for seconds
(And I think a few of us went back for thirds!)

And no meeting of the Cookbook Book Club
can be complete without dessert

Rhonda's Very Vanilla Cake
Which was very good although it was not pretty.

And I didn't get a picture of the Red Velvet Cake that Michelle brought to celebrate
Belynda's birthday earlier in the week.

It was good to be back together again
We talked, we laughed, we ate, we got caught up.

We're eagerly awaiting February --
We're being taught how to make pizza crust
And we're each bringing toppings!

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From the Kitchen said...

I love the idea of a cookbook club! Everything looks delicious.