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Saturday, February 17, 2018

An Updated Bathroom

Rooms sometimes need an update and our
upstairs bath certainly did!

The before:

The old . . . 
green and beige striped wallpaper

It's the original tub,
The hex tile is not original 
(although that was what was there -- but the people we bought it from
glued carpet on top and we couldn't get the carpet up without
taking up the tile)
It came from a place in New York City that manufactured hex tile
to look like old
And it does!

White shower curtain and curtains
White tile . . . but with a dark green border
(which really looked good with the dark green and beige stripe wallpaper)

First step:
Strip off the wallpaper!

Luckily the green stripe (and the wallpaper under the green stripe) 
came off easily -- in one piece

But I was left with:

I did save a piece of this . . . it's part of the house and may be framed in the future!

This wonderful 50s wallpaper!
Which was hard to strip --
Lots of hot water, a steamer and patience
and soon my walls were wallpaper free!

The After:

A pretty green from Sherwin Williams
(I had that dark green accent tile after all)

The biggest transformation was the mirror over the sink
Many years ago we replaced the 50s medicine cabinet
with a plain mirrored medicine cabinet
But the footprint wasn't the same
And shamelessly, we just papered over the "holes"!

When we took off the wallpaper and decided that we were going to paint,
the "holes" had to be addressed.
The solution?
Frame around the mirror so it looks like a medicine cabinet from the 20's
The trim matching the trim in the rest of our house
And painted white -- of course!
All it would need is a knob
to look really authentic.
(Perhaps I need to figure out how to glue one on?)

The "pretties" on top of the linen cabinet
An old English blue and white bowl and pitcher
Bought in Nevada, Missouri
about two years apart.
Oh, they were a set but the slop jar was too expensive
And so I left it.
I even took the slop jar to the front desk and asked if they'd take more.

And then they were closing and most booths had at least 50% off.
Guess what came home with me!

The bathroom redo wasn't just about paint!
Notice the rain shower?

When we first put in a shower,
we had a faucet with a shower hose attached put in.
It's nice to have a "real" shower
And I love the rain shower head!

The sink was one that we put in right after we moved in.
The people that we bought the house from had removed
the old original pedestal sink
And put in a dinky vanity in the space.
We bought a pedestal
And our bath remodel also included new faucets for this sink
(I had cleaned them to pieces and some of the chrome had worn off int he back)

We think the bathroom now definitely has a feel of a 1920s bathroom.
We're pleased with the results


Lady of the Manor said...

Your bathroom update looks so light and pretty! Yes, you’ve kept it’s 1920’s feel, too. Beautiful!

Fox and Finch Antiques said...

I love what you did with your bathroom spring update. I am crazy about keeping interiors to match the age of the house and I know you think the same way. But, that poodle wallpaper, I adore it!

Sandra said...

I love the update on your bathroom. As we did renovations on our sons home it was interesting to find bits of wallpaper on the walls from years ago. Glad you are keeping a sample for history.

Chronica Domus said...

Your bathroom certainly has that Sanitary Movement vibe of the 1920s. I laughed when I read about the vanity that was previously installed as our 1920s bathroom as we had much the same, since replaced with an appropriate pedestal sink based on the original 1920s design. We were lucky to find the original hex floor tile intact, still going strong.