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Friday, February 9, 2018

Christmas and Birthday Presents

Because of my computer problems, I didn't get to do a post
on Needlepoint Ornaments 2017

It's not every year (or else I would have almost 50 of them)
but I do try to do an ornament for our tree

This year it's a little "stocking" with an ice skating rabbit.
I found a wealth of ornament canvases at an Estate Sale for "nothing"
So this is vintage!
Simple and sweet!

And the gift ornaments?

All stitched and made into ornaments

Daughter Sarah's
It's the French flag
She spent a couple of weeks in Paris for her company
I thought it was a fitting ornament for 2017

A piper!

Petei's St. Lucia

On the back of each is stitched the name and 2017.

And the final ornaments
Not Christmas presents
But a birthday present
For Daughter Sarah
From her mother and her daughters!

They let me trace their hands and Lucy wrote her name
Then I needlepointed the hand prints like a Santa Claus
dated 2017 because that is the date that the hands were traced.

Made into a two sided ornament . . . 

Piper's Side

Lucy's side

Given as a birthday present because they were 2017 handprints!
And I didn't want to give a year old ornament in December
Besides, she can hang it on her tree this year!

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Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I always admire your needlework, and these Christmas ornaments are wonderful!