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Friday, February 23, 2018

Cookbook Book Club -- PIZZA!

Our Cookbook Book Club 
met last night
And it was pizza!

We had a guest, Kevin -- a pizza maestro
to teach us about crust.

He first explained how to properly make a crust

And then with the dough he had prepared earlier,
we each got our own blob . . .

And Kevin taught us how to make it into a pizza

We watched as he showed us how to take our blob

And make it into a pizza shape!

Kevin demonstrated the peel technique

We all brought toppings to put on the pizza
Some of us were more simple in our choices
(like me)

I'm a pepperoni girl!

While others were more adventurous

like Liz
(notice how "round" her pizza is!)
Adding green peppers to hers

Angela and Donna saucing up their pizzas

While Barbara was the most individualistic --
She made hers square
She used a white sauce instead of a red sauce!

Once topped, all the rounds (or oblongs) of dough were put into the oven to bake
Under Kevin's watchful eye!

Mine, fresh out of the oven
All pizzas were cut into smaller pieces so we could sample!

The table was full of pizzas
And we couldn't find one that we didn't like
They were all good!

Of course, the Cookbook Book Club couldn't meet
without a dessert
And Rita provided one!

Peaches 'N Cream No-Bake Cheesecake

A perfect dessert after lots of pizza!

It was a fun evening
Lots of laughter
Lots of flour
(over a lot of us)
And plenty of good food!

A big thank you

to Rhonda for arranging for our dough-master Kevin
to come and teach us

to Rita and Joe for letting us use Kennedy Gym
for it had enough ovens that we could all eat at the same time

to Rita for bringing the wonderful dessert
for it wouldn't be Cookbook Book Club without a sweet!

And especially to Kevin (and his wife, Michelle)
for teaching us about pizza dough
for bringing the dough

It was a wonderful evening
And one of the best Cookbook Book Clubs ever!

1 comment:

Ann Y. said...

The pizzas all look wonderful - what a great idea! Just started a Book Club in our new building - but there are a lot of cooks here and I am going to suggest a Cook Book Book Club! Thanks for a great post!