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Monday, February 26, 2018

Meet Molly

We lost our Daisy last month . .  .
We got home from a doctor's appointment last month
And we found her in the garden.

It was heartbreaking.
But anytime you lose a pet, it is heartbreaking

But we believe that one dog is not enough
And three are too many
And Doogie was lonesome

So I'd like to introduce


She's 10 pounds of terrier terror
With a personality to match Doogie's!

She's a couch potato like Doogie
(which doesn't set very well with him)
And so sometimes he relegates her to the floor!

To remedy that we bought her a bed
It took all of 5 minutes before she decided that it was a pretty good place!

This is mine, she says!

And a perfect place for an afternoon nap!

While Doogie snoozes on the sofa
His preferred place for naps!

Molly is a terrier, of that I'm sure
But what kind, I'm not sure
She has lopsided ears -- one hangs down while the other just folds over
And hair that goes every which way
(I tell everyone that she is half Ewok and half Gremlin)

She's a rescue -- for we believe in adopting not shopping.
They said, and we agree, that she is right at a year old
She is full of energy!
And when she sleeps, she sleeps that sound sleep that only puppies can sleep!

We got her last Tuesday
Our Valentine present to one another
Already in less than a week, she's wormed her way into our hearts!

And Doogie's adjusting!
For he's never really had a friend who played with his toys before . . . 
That takes some getting used to!

But when they are outside, they are one . .  .
to chase the mailman, the neighbor, the squirrels.
It's a united front they present to any intruders on the grounds of Linderhof!


Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Martha,

I'm sorry for the loss of your Daisy; that's always so heartbreaking and hard to deal with. Your new pup is a cutie!! I know all about that terrier terror, as we have a Scottish Terrorist ourselves. ;) I believe your new dog is a Border Terrier; you can Google and check out the images to see what you think. They're supposed to be a really good breed of terrier.

Enjoy your new family member!



Beth said...

Molly is adorable! I'm glad you and Doogie are enjoying her. She looks very comfortable in her bed. :)
I am sorry you lost Daisy. Always hard to lose a beloved pet.

From the Kitchen said...

She's perfect! It is so heartbreaking to lose a precious pup. However, I think one really honors the memory by finding and loving another pup. Not a replacement but the heart knows how to expand and include.