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Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Kitchen and the Island

I love my little kitchen
The kitchen in my 1920's home

It's small
10 x 10
But it has two windows

One over the stove
(which I think was where the sink was located when the house was built)

And one over the sink
(which I think is where perhaps a breakfast table may have been placed --
when the house was built)

Both windows are original to the house
So their "footprint" was not changed over the years
And both sport white Battenburg lace curtains
Fitting, I think for a 20s house

The original unfitted cabinetry was replaced in the 40s --
after World War II
Plain wooden cabinets -- painted pink!
(They're still here in basement and garage -- wooden, painted but plain door fronts)

And then the 40s cabinetry was replaced once again in 1983
with 1980s oak cabinets
(Just like the cabinets which were put into any new build in the 80s)
We're grateful that when they did the backsplash they put in white tile,
not subway but 4 x 4's, and the countertop was the same.

But we wanted to "age" the kitchen . . . 
We took the panels out of the uppers and put in glass
And we painted them white!
Ten years later at Husband Jim's suggestion,
we painted the lower's green and the uppers a beige
20s green!

And 10 years ago, we changed the countertop from white 4 x 4 tile to marble

I think we did a good job of "aging" the kitchen because when we were
on a homes tour, we had many comments about "oh, they have the original kitchen"!

One of my favorite parts of the kitchen

Is this piece of marble
On top of an island
WHO would put an island in a 10 x 10 kitchen?
Put in an island way before islands were all that popular in kitchens?
Why, we would!

The marble has history
I worked for 30 years for the State of Missouri
At an institution for developmentally disabled
It was built in 1885 and originally was a wonderful example of Victorian architecture

But in 1991 it downsized from a whole campus of buildings to just 2.
Closed it's kitchen so it could  outsource it.
One positive from the downsizing and closing of the kitchen
was the kitchen was dismantled
Their pastry marble came to Linderhof's kitchen!
The perfect countertop for an island!

I even had a base built to fit
With shelves on two sides and a place for Jim's wine refrigerator in one end.
And because I thought it would be neat,
I stained the outside of the island and painted the inside shelves the cabinet color
Because islands should be a contrast

And this January, I decided that perhaps contrast was not a good thing
That contrast would not have been in the 20s
So last month I painted it to match the other cabinets

Looks so much better!
Makes the kitchen feel lighter!
(Can't believe that little bit of dark wood made the kitchen seem so dark)
And makes it feel cleaner
(which I don't understand!)

Now, of course, I'm mad at myself that I waited so long.
Mad at myself that I didn't do it in the first place!

I do love my little kitchen.
It's a great place to cook.
And although it's not original
I think it has a great 20s vibe!


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your kitchen is a piece of perfection! And think of all the delicious things that have been created in it!

The Victorian Girl said...

It looks great and 20-ish!

view from 3/4 time said...

It looks so beautiful, Martha! I never saw your kitchen before. Mine is 96" sq ft from wall to wall, longer and with a narrower center. That is a wonderful story about the marble. I so would love something like that.

Is Victorian girl above our friend from Canada? Its been a while since I have seen anything from her!

Lady of the Manor said...

You’re kitchen is lovely and fits your home so well! It looks so inviting, I bet it’s a joy to cook in. The marble is a real treasure, too.

Francie Newcomb said...

Martha, it's beautiful! I love it. My first apartment in the late 1970's was on the Plaza in Kansas City in a darling little building that's now been replaced by a big high rise. It had the same glass fronted cabinets in the tiny kitchen and tiny dining area, and they were the same green; the owner called it "Yucca green"!

Lottie said...

Martha, I just love your kitchen! And that marble on the island is so special! A wonderful place for a wonderful cook!

Running with a sharp pencil said...

Love that perfect green- do you recall the brand/shade?

view from 3/4 time said...

Hi Martha, I don't know why I received this today, but I am wondering if "Victorian Girl" is the former HGTV message board member who lives in Canada?