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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Changes in the Garden

Our garden
Four beds separated by brick paths
We put it in in 1997

Centered first by a bed of thyme
Then by an armillary planter

This spring, in the garden, I started to find . . .

Empty holes
Where once there had been plants

And bulbs dug up
And they disappeared

No part of the garden was immune to the

I knew why
We had a "digger"

Mollie Mutt

She's 11 pounds of pure energy
And her front paws are a
"digging machine"

She's a terrier, you see . . . 
And terriers tend to be diggers!

Half of the new plants I bought were dug up!
She didn't bother the established plants --
She just went after the new ones.

To stop this carnage, we bought edging fence for the beds

Black, simple
Same lines as the "real" fence

She can jump over them
But she seemed to stay on the paths and dig from there
This puts a barrier between the walk and the dirt

I think it gives definition to the beds

And I like to see the plants and flowers cascade over the fence

I think it is an improvement
An improvement we should have made
even if we didn't have a dog problem!

But then there was the middle bed

A small bed with an armillary on top which also held flowers

However, it was her favorite place to dig
She dug up a goodly amount of my grape hyacinths
And I'm not sure what she did with them!

I tried putting up some old iron fence that I had around
the bottom bed.
Didn't work -- she continued to dig
Even though there wasn't really anything more to dig up in the bed!

So Wednesday morning, I moved bricks . . . and dirt

The bed is gone -- just more bricks
I like the armillary planter sitting on the bricks rather than in the middle of a flower bed

I think it is a win-win

Mollie was "advertised" as a terrier
at the no-kill shelter where we got her.
When we visited the vet today, Jennie insisted
that she looked more like a
Brussels Griffon than a terrier --

And I think she may be right!

I do think that she comes from Brussels Griffon stock
But how much, I don't know
And we won't know until we do a DNA test on her!

She's a funny looking little dog
and I joked that she was part Ewok and part Gremlin . . .
In reading about Brussels Griffons, I learned that the Star Wars Ewok was
based on George Lucas's Brussel Griffon . . . 

I am hoping that the fence keeps Molly out of the garden.
So far it has.
And she has other places in the garden to dig
And she's welcome to dig there --
she just needs to stay out of the flower bed!
I'm not sure I will replant the annuals that were dug up this year . . . 
Our garden won't be as flower filled for 2018
But at Linderhof:
Man, dog and flowers need to live in harmony!


Lottie said...

Molly is just as cute as she can be! Love her! Your garden is also darling. We had a problem earlier in the spring with the squirrels digging up bulbs and new annuals we had purchased. We do all have to live in harmony.

Linderhof said...

And at Linderhof, there was NEVER a question about getting rid of the DOG!