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Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Cookbook Book Club - June - Restaurant Food

Our June Cookbook Club's theme was

"Restaurant Food -- Copy Cat Restaurant Recipes"

And for the first time, we had no "assignments"
Because you were supposed to bring a recipe that you liked
from a restaurant that you liked

And the Potluck Gods smiled on us!

Belynda and Michelle were hostesses

A nice welcome


 Southwestern Egg Rolls

She loves them, gets them every time she goes
But they were a little fussy to make!
We all pronounced them superb!

Main Course:

Bang Bang Shrimp
Bonefish Grill
Michelle and Belynda

Michelle and Belynda get this every time they go
But this was the first time they made it!
It was wonderful and we ate every crumb!


Oriental Chicken Salad

She gets this salad every time she eats there.   She loves it!
We all thought it was tasty too.    And Rita said that the dressing was so good that she'll keep a jar in her fridge!


Tiffany Attic's Carrot Casserole
Tiffany's Attic Dinner Theatre

Having eaten it at Tiffany's Attic, I found the recipe a few months later in the Kansas City Star.
But I never made it . . . . but every time I purged my clipped recipes, this always made the cut.
I cannot believe that it took me 40 years to make this dish!
Everyone thought it was really really good!

(Notice the plural)

Dessert Nachos
The Dog House

A small Mom and Pop here in our town -- and this was one of Angela's favorite dishes there.     She mourns the fact that they are no longer in business.
The nachos were good and the caramel dipping sauce . . . well it was just plain delicious!

Girl Scout Cookies

There is nothing wrong with Girl Scout Cookies!    And these were excellent!

Samoas/Thin Mints
Girl Scout Cookies

They were perfect and if you didn't know better you would swear that they were "real" Girl Scout Cookies!

Red Velvet Bundt Cake
Nothing Bundt Cakes

It was a good moist cake . . . and several of us took pieces home!

But that's not all!!!

I missed taking pictures of three of the dishes:

Baked Beans
Jack Stack BBQ

Some of us love the beans
Some of us make them and often
It was the perfect side dish to our meal

Panzanella Salad
Jasper's Restaurant

It was a great salad and went well with our other dishes.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Cold Stone Creamery

She even brought sprinkles and "mix ins" for us to add.
It was good ice cream and really did taste like
the restaurant version.

We had fun with this month's Cookbook Book Club --
it was a great theme
And we all made something new
But something that we were familiar with
(for that often is not the case)
Michelle and Belynda's idea of not having "assignments:
was a good one.
It's better to fix a dish that we've eaten and loved
than finding a dish that we've never tasted before.

As we always do, June's was THE BEST!!!

July's theme is "Beer" for we're meeting in our
local brewery and all food has to be made with beer!
I wonder what dishes we'll have!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Breakfast, Blooms and a Friend . . .

Saturday was the 2018 Breakfast and Booms Garden Tour
Sponsored by the Bingham Waggoner Estate
Friend Priscilla and I had tickets and we headed north

A historical site located in Independence, Missouri
where once both George Caleb Bingham lived
as did the Waggoner family -- who partnered with George Gates
(whose granddaughter was Bess Truman) and formed the Waggoner Gates Milling Company
Queen of the Pantry Flour
was their well known brand

It's called Breakfast and Blooms

And on the lawn on the house, we ate breakfast

Egg casserole, fruit cup, ham, hash browns, juice and cinnamon roll
We sat with a couple whose house was on the garden tour and had a
most delightful breakfast!
They were proud of their garden and we talked tour and gardens all through breakfast.

Our first garden . . . 

A garden at the Bingham-Waggoner House -- coreopsis in the background and iris in the foreground

Our next garden was
Mark and Barb's
(our breakfast companions)

A Kansas City four square shirtwaist house
surrounded by a lovely garden

"THE" wall -- Barb told us the story about this wall.
When you exhaust all other methods for finding what you want,
drive by a house and there it is -- the material -- just laying on the ground
Go to the ask to inquire about it and get it for "free"!!!
It was a great story and a Great Wall!

Loved the bicycle and the flowering basket in the tree

Our next stop was Brian and Marla
A small house with a garden in front

Where we saw the first of many fairy gardens
(I took this picture because I have a bird bath that really too shallow)

And a lovely garden along the side of the house. 
Besides an abundance of flowers, they had a raised bed vegetable garden,
fruit (both trees and berries) and chickens!
Self-sufficiency on a city lot
(although it was a long city lot -- it looked like it went all the way through to the next street)

Sam's small cottage

Ivy covered the hill in front of his hosue
No mowing!

Magnificent trees in back surrounded by gardens
This is a pecan tree and the squirrels get them all, Sam said.
And they like to chatter and throw the shells down at him as he works in his garden!

John's Garden

A parklike garden -- it was hard to tell where his property ended and his neighbor's began.
I'm thinking that with his neighbor's blessing, he tends gardens in more than his yard.
He's "Mr. No Mulch" either.
But not a weed to be seen.
John is an admirable gardener!

Beth and Karl
had a sweet Tudor house
Beth's been tending it's gardens for two years

This was in their backyard.
I feel certain that they had hoped that the shed would have been built
in time for the tour and alas, it wasn't!
Thus, a sign!

And in the corner of her mostly shade garden, a place of respite!

Clint and Aimee's garden was our last stop

Clint has fish.    Koi -- BIG KOI
It was fun to sit with Clint on his back porch
and watch these fish!

It was a great tour.
Priscilla and I have penciled in the date for next year
We'll be back.

Monday, June 11, 2018

We Visit Hoot Owl Gardens

Today was an outing day
Friend Shirley Ann and I traveled North
to Linn County almost smack dab between Paola and Osawatomie
To a farm:

We were there to see the gardens
And owner Brenda was so gracious to give us a tour of her 
remarkable gardens!

The espaliered fruit tree garden . . . espaliered fruit trees form the fence to this garden
And inside there are some herbs . . . 

Good stands of feverfew!

Also, there was a spiral herb garden

You start at the bottom and the herbs spiral up!    Smallest to tallest!

After the tour, we retired to the porch where Hostess Brenda had lunch ready for our group

A farm table on the porch . . . 

Homemade crackers
(which were delicious)

And a chicken Caesar Salad
Which was wonderful!
Lots of garlic and lots of lemon!

Herbal tea, chicken salad and homemade crackers
It can't get much better than that!

Oh, but wait it did!

Dessert -- a rhubarb custard cake topped with a fresh strawberry syrup and coconut
(I've asked for the recipe -- I hope Brenda complies -- it was a good dessert!)

We left with nothing but an admiration for all that Brenda and her husband did to these acres
for besides the gardens there are bees and goats and poultry (chickens, turkey, peacocks) . . . 
But some of our group left with --

Baby chicks!
She was giving them away!
I'm not a chicken keeper and so no babies came home with me (nor with Shirley Ann) but there
was a young girl in our group  who was thrilled that she got to take chicks home!

It was a great way to spend a June Monday morning!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Afternoon Tea In The City

There is one place in the city
That is a slice of heaven for me 

Downtown Overland Park
The Clock Tower Bakery
Serves a true English afternoon tea
By advance reservation only!

I just don't stop by when I'm in the city by myself . . . 
No, I always have tea with a friend
This time it was friend Connie
who I met because of my blog . . . 
She was in the city visiting and we arranged to meet for tea

At the Clock Tower . . . 
On each table covered with a white cloth, are real tea cups and saucers, a tea plate,
the tea pot and cutlery and this folder:

Which contains:
the tea menu
the selection of teas
and the tea etiquette

Your tea is brought along with a three tier curate:

Sandwiches on the bottom,
scones and a cranberry pistachio shortbread on the middle tier
Sweets on the top

Sandwich selection:
cucumber -- of course -- two of them
roasted vegetable roll up -- two of them
egg salad (or egg mayonnaise as the Brits call it) -- a finger
chicken salad -- a finger
two small sausage rolls

A tender tall scone served with real clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam
(and a cranberry pistachio "biscuit")

The top layer:

Checkerboard Battenburg cake, a vanilla bean macaron, millionaire bars and a cream puff
We were so full that we both took three of our desserts home -- for tea time the next day!

Oh, and our scones . . . 
We both decided that we would eat one Cornish and one Devon
The difference you may ask?

Devon is on the left -- you put the cream on the scone and then top with jam

The Cornish is on the right -- jam first and then topped with cream

I prefer the Devon style

We drank pots of tea, visited and had a grand afternoon.
Both of us are Anglophiles
We both would love to live in England
And we've both been there several times.

We had a bit of England yesterday afternoon
on the prairie of Kansas
Two friends who share a love of tea