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Friday, June 29, 2018

Cookbook Book Club - June - Restaurant Food

Our June Cookbook Club's theme was

"Restaurant Food -- Copy Cat Restaurant Recipes"

And for the first time, we had no "assignments"
Because you were supposed to bring a recipe that you liked
from a restaurant that you liked

And the Potluck Gods smiled on us!

Belynda and Michelle were hostesses

A nice welcome


 Southwestern Egg Rolls

She loves them, gets them every time she goes
But they were a little fussy to make!
We all pronounced them superb!

Main Course:

Bang Bang Shrimp
Bonefish Grill
Michelle and Belynda

Michelle and Belynda get this every time they go
But this was the first time they made it!
It was wonderful and we ate every crumb!


Oriental Chicken Salad

She gets this salad every time she eats there.   She loves it!
We all thought it was tasty too.    And Rita said that the dressing was so good that she'll keep a jar in her fridge!


Tiffany Attic's Carrot Casserole
Tiffany's Attic Dinner Theatre

Having eaten it at Tiffany's Attic, I found the recipe a few months later in the Kansas City Star.
But I never made it . . . . but every time I purged my clipped recipes, this always made the cut.
I cannot believe that it took me 40 years to make this dish!
Everyone thought it was really really good!

(Notice the plural)

Dessert Nachos
The Dog House

A small Mom and Pop here in our town -- and this was one of Angela's favorite dishes there.     She mourns the fact that they are no longer in business.
The nachos were good and the caramel dipping sauce . . . well it was just plain delicious!

Girl Scout Cookies

There is nothing wrong with Girl Scout Cookies!    And these were excellent!

Samoas/Thin Mints
Girl Scout Cookies

They were perfect and if you didn't know better you would swear that they were "real" Girl Scout Cookies!

Red Velvet Bundt Cake
Nothing Bundt Cakes

It was a good moist cake . . . and several of us took pieces home!

But that's not all!!!

I missed taking pictures of three of the dishes:

Baked Beans
Jack Stack BBQ

Some of us love the beans
Some of us make them and often
It was the perfect side dish to our meal

Panzanella Salad
Jasper's Restaurant

It was a great salad and went well with our other dishes.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Cold Stone Creamery

She even brought sprinkles and "mix ins" for us to add.
It was good ice cream and really did taste like
the restaurant version.

We had fun with this month's Cookbook Book Club --
it was a great theme
And we all made something new
But something that we were familiar with
(for that often is not the case)
Michelle and Belynda's idea of not having "assignments:
was a good one.
It's better to fix a dish that we've eaten and loved
than finding a dish that we've never tasted before.

As we always do, June's was THE BEST!!!

July's theme is "Beer" for we're meeting in our
local brewery and all food has to be made with beer!
I wonder what dishes we'll have!

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