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Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Return To Sunday Dinner

Our church services are early -- 9 a.m.
Even after a bit of a nosh and fellowship, it's usually 1100 or so when we head home
For a long time we joined friends at noon for a restaurant meal
But we no longer do
Two weeks ago, when we had a "I don't care, you choose".  "I don't care, you choose", "I don't care, you choose."
kind of conversation after church on the way home as to what we want
to do for Sunday Dinner

I decided that Sunday that we would once again have a real
Sunday Dinner
at home!

In the dining room!

So last Sunday, I set the table in the dining room with my Grandmother's china, Jim's Grandmother's cutlery, napkins in silver rings
And made dinner!

To serve family style:

My other grandmother's coleslaw
(a creamy variety -- made with just cabbage!)

Fried chicken.    A whole chicken, which I cut up, which means that there is a wishbone
and therefore one more piece of chicken!
We each had a breast!

And corn on the cob finished out the meal.

A truly summer Sunday dinner!

I'm already planning on this week's dinner --
a roast, I think!


Beth said...

Hi Martha, I have the pleasure of cooking dinner for my husband, son, daughter in law and grandchildren almost every Sunday. It's fun trying to think of something unique to make. Next Sunday it will be pork chops, corn on the cob, creamy cucumbers and homemade strawberry frozen yogurt.
I especially have fun with the desserts, and have made banana cake, carrot cake, oatmeal cake, homemade vanilla ice cream, Scotcharoos, Texas sheet cake, and various pies.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts very much and am all for eating at home on Sundays. I have a suggestion for the roast you are planning on. Have you heard of 'Mississippi Post Roast'? It's on tv and everywhere on the Internet, but I'm just now discovering it. Any cut of roast, in the Crockpot, with envelopes of brown gravy and Ranch Dressing packets. The weird but essential part is pickled peppers with the juice (I use 'mild' but HOT is available.) Delish!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

A return to Sunday dinner is always a delicious idea! There is a book of that title by Russell Cronkhite who was the executive chef at Blair House. It's full of lovely ideas, not that you would ever run out of great ideas!