Gardening, Cooking and Decorating on the Prairie of Kansas

Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Cookbook Book Club September - Pioneer Woman

Rita was hostess and selected Pioneer Woman as the Chef for September
(And after we all ogled Rita's new pantry . . . . )
We had a wonderful dinner

It seems as if we all had at least one Pioneer Woman cookbook
and we brought them -- in fact, we had three copies of her first cookbook, Pioneer Woman Cooks
She definitely is popular among our group

Our menu
(and once again the Pot Luck Gods smiled on us -- as you'll see no duplicates
and the meal is as balanced as if we'd planned it!)


choice for the entree
We all thought it delicious!
(as did her husband -- she did a trial run one night for dinner!)


 prepared a second dish for mashed potatoes were supposed to go with the chicken
I agree -- they were perfect!


brought this wonderful side -- just enough curry for flavor
and the sweetness of raisins -- it too was perfect with the chicken!


 had vegetable and brought these delicious carrots
(And with this recipe we decided that The Pioneer Woman was not a tea totaler!)


brought this because it was NOT your typical Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole.    It was delicious and I would definitely make it for a buffet dinner


who wasn't there sent this anyway.     It's old fashioned pea salad updated according to Michelle with sour cream instead of mayo, but she thought it a bit "dry" and so added some more mayo before she brought it last night


brought this actually as an appetizer but we ate it as a bread
She "doctored" up part of it with garlic and Cajun seasoning but we liked it just the way it was!  I know I ate THREE pieces and everyone had more than one!
And Monday I have to take a snack and I'm definitely making this!

Nothing like a plate of Pioneer Woman dishes:

We all agreed that she was comfortable to cook from, her tastes and recipes were definitely midwest, her recipes definitely had ingredients that we could find in our little town, and they were not complicated

Several of us watch her every week and I think everyone had at least ONE of her cookbooks . . . and some of us had ALL of them!

But a meal is not complete without desserts!

And we had a nice selection!


brought these brandy snaps which were delicious
and so pretty and elegant!


was the overachiever this month.     She had a hard time deciding between
four recipes and finally settled on two.
As she said, one had new techniques (the snaps) while the other was super easy (the dumplings)
We all agreed both were good!


I brought this pie.     I decided that I would make a pie and this appealed to me.
It's apple without the apple pie spices -- just apple, sugar, crunchy topping and caramel
It was good . . . and rich
And Husband Jim was glad that there were 3 desserts and small pieces for I brought the last two slivers home for him!

Pioneer Woman was a great choice for Cookbook Book Club
We all enjoyed the meal and several of us have been to Pawhuska and her restaurant and Merchantile.
Stories of those trips were shared with those of us who have not been there.
We also decided that next year we would do a Cookbook Book Club Road Trip to
visit Pioneer Woman!

Next month it's Ina Garten
And she has a new cookbook that will come out on the Tuesday before our meeting on Thursday!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Lunch Bunch for Lunch

Once a month, the ladies I have dubbed
"The Lunch Bunch" 
come to Linderhof for lunch

We "lost" one of our members who moved to
Kansas City
and so we fill in
We're not ready to find a permanent replacement

The "fill-ins" are interesting and it is fun to have a different guest
each month

Our July luncheon was early . . . because of grandchildren visiting
or visiting grandchildren

The August lunch was our regular day
(the fourth Tuesday in the month)

It had been a while since we've seen each other
And we all had grandchildren stories to tell!

The dining room set for lunch

It's summer so we chose lace placemats and table runner
It seemed lighter!

The house all ready for company!

The Spode Blue Room always sets a pretty table,
damask napkins in silver rings
(my newest rings)
Jim's grandmother's cutlery

The menu:

Blue and Bleu Salad --
romaine, blueberries and bleu cheese
With a homemade poppy seed dressing

A mushroom spinach quiche

Carrots with a Creamy Tomato Dressing
is the name of this dish in the cookbook I got it out of --
however, my Mom and I have always known it as
"copper pennies"
It's a good salad and one that we enjoyed for lunch for the next couple of days
In summer, I often like a vegetable salad as a side dish
They're usually make ahead and there is something nice about a cold dish

The quiche slices nicely
(I always cross my fingers whenever I try to get quiche out of the pan!)

The carrots add a nice colorful touch to the plate with quiche
(And I served Sister Shubert rolls as well)

Dessert was black raspberry jam cake with caramel frosting
I "sacrificed" a jar of Lunch Buncher Joyce's jam
to make the cake
But it was worth it!

However, it seemed more of a winter cake to me than a late
summer one . . . but it is a cake that I will make again.

If you don't have a jar of Joyce's black raspberry jam in your
larder, you can us boughten blackberry jam!