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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Is it Groundhog Day . . . or Candlemas?

It's February 2nd
The day that determines when it will be Spring!!!!

The Germans celebrate with Groundhog Day

They're not lovable creatures -- ground hogs!
They're not even cute creatures!
But they make an appearance on February 2nd
If they see their shadow, we'll soon have spring . . . 
if it's sunny, well, another six weeks of winter!

Today on the prairie . . . 

The sky looks like this!
Which means that Spring is soon on it's way
And we believe it . . . 
For it is supposed to be 60 degrees today!

The German in me celebrates Groundhog Day!

With ground hog for breakfast
in the form of biscuits and gravy


ground hog for dinner

In the form of a baked ziti casserole

But the English in me celebrates Candlemas

Sound familiar?

We never have to worry about this --
our Christmas decorations have been down for most of January!

But tonight . . . with our ground hog, we'll celebrate

By lighting candles on the dining room sideboard

And having candlelight at dinner
(the dinner of our ground hog!)

I'm optimistic that the shadowless groundhog and the cloudy day
will indeed predict that spring is soon on its way!

1 comment:

Ann said...

Your candlelight dinner looks beautiful. My neighbor has groundhogs under her shed which keeps my dog busy!