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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Needlepoint Pillows -- The Internet is Wonderful!

When I was young and first married,
we lived in the city
We had one car
I rode the bus to work
That 45 minutes, I decided, would be a good time to do handwork.

I had read Mary Martin's Needlepoint book

And I became enamored with needlepoint

That, would be my handwork.

I bought a canvas -- the center was already filled in
And you just did the background

I still have it!
It's a sweet little pillow and I still adore it!

And over the years, I got braver and went from just filling in background
to actually doing all of the pillow:


(A charted design rather than a painted one)

And then I became a Mom and life got in the way.
I put away my needlepoint

Only to resurface in 2011 when we took our first transatlantic cruise
before we spent that Spring in England
I bought a canvas and thread
and stitched my way across the ocean and around England

It's still a favorite pillow

And so my stitching began . . . 

Husband Jim gifted me with this canvas one Christmas

I finished the round pillow before we headed home and I bought this one in England

 Shamlessly, the Oriental pillow was a flea market find
But the magnolias was not

And I learned on that transatlantic cruise from the British travelers
that I was doing a tapestry cushion
rather than a needlepoint pillow!

A friend gave me a box of her needlepoint --
In it was this partially done cushion

A adored it

And it came with thread
Thread still in it's wrapper!

However, there wasn't a lot of background wool.
I figured if I could get around the outside of the cushion, then I could
use a similar but different color for the middle section.

But as I stitched, I found that I didn't even have enough for the outside . . . 
What a bummer!

Then I checked on Etsy
I had the color number and the brand
A simple search of DMC Tapestry Wool No. 7925

There was a whole box!
For $5!

I bought it and hoped that the color was close
(you know that anything (fabric, thread, tapestry wool, wallpaper) not from the same
dye lot is not always a good thing!

But this one worked!!!
You can't tell them apart!

How great is that!

So now I'm madly stitching away at my latest tapestry cushion!


Francie Newcomb said...

"How great is that?" Really great! I loved seeing your beautiful "tapestry cushions," Martha. My favorite is the fox one from England. They really are beautiful! Love the geraniums too. There is something vibrant and full of life about a handmade needlepoint pillow.

Balmoral said...

We share yet another passion Martha. Cooking and stitching!

I have been doing needlepoint for over 50 years and it not only provides me pleasure while stitching, but also allows me to feel that I am accomplishing something when watching TV.

My greatest accomplishments are two Elizabeth Bradley carpets, one consisting of 4 four season squares joined togeather with accompaning seasonal bell pulls and the other is of 4 botanicals with a ribbon border. Have you seen their offerings online? My Labour’s of Love!

My daughter is my stitching buddy and we are constantly sharing projects and ideas as we work on offerings from some of the amazing talents we have come to know throughout the US, and who ‘enable’ our craft.

Thank you for sharing...

Karen said...

Beautiful work! The round pillow and the fox are my favorites - said...

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