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Friday, February 15, 2019

Valentine's Day 2019

Yesterday was Valentine's Day!!!

And as is my custom, I invite friends for a Valentine's Lunch

Only in 2019, when you celebrate with women friends, it's called a
"Galatine" party
(Gals Valentine)

But I still call mine a Ladies Valentine Luncheon

In the dining room, of course
Lace Tablecloth
Aynsley Pembroke

A menu for each place
And a wee cornucopia which I made and filled with Hershey kisses

I was fortunate that three of my hyacinths burst into bloom
I decided to use them as my centerpiece
But, alas, they were a bit floppy, so they were clustered together in the middle of the table
But the aroma was heavenly -- a spring aroma!

Husband came home just before lunch with . . 


Delicious smelling creamy roses!

Perfect roses!
But, alas, too tall to replace the floppy hyacinths
So I put them on an end table in the living room
Where they were the star of the show!

Lunch was simple!

A salad of mixed greens with blackberries, cashews, red onion and a homemade poppyseed dressing

Salads all ready to serve!

The main course was chicken baked 'n' butter and cream

And individual portions of Stephenson's Green Rice

It made for a pretty plate!

Dessert awaited on the sideboard.

The cake my mother always made for Valentine's
Baked in heart pans
And frosted like hers with 7 Minute frosting
(But not her recipe, alas, but my friend, Shirley Ann's)
And then sprinkled with pink coconut

Served with coffee

It was a nice luncheon
We had a grand time visiting and sharing

One of the highlights of the year, is my Valentine's luncheon for dear friends.


Bernideen said...

What a fabulous cook and pastry chef you are - this meal looks delicious!

Pat said...

Oh, my what a beautiful Valentine's Luncheon Tablescape!
The menu was decadently divine!
Husband Jim made a gorgeous choice in the white roses.
Like you, I can not get use to "Galatine" anything!

Sarah said...

Beautiful valentine luncheon! You always set a beautiful table with a delicious meal.

Karen said...

What a lovely thing to do for and with your friends. Any chance you'd share the recipes? All look divine.

Karen said...

I just googled and found both the Stephenson's recipes! Sound delish!

Susan said...

I always think it must be pretty special to be your friend.

Balmoral said...

Is there a special Stephenson rice recipe you prefer? I too googled and found recipes that feed a ‘crowd’ with different comments re: the use of spices, etc..

I liked your individual servings, but I can imagine that the sauce of the chicken would be divine mixed with the rice!

Love your attention to detail.
Susan said...

Super option with what you have described here, that's what I was looking for, really helped me.Thanks a lot for everything, I love to read about such novelties, a revelation!

Megan P said...

Grateful for you writing this blog.