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Monday, March 25, 2019

Aprons and Tea Cozies

When I was little, every housewife wore an apron
when she was at home
for you didn't want to dirty your dress.
Most were homemade
and a lot out of leftover fabric.

Mom then got "modern"
She stopped wearing dresses and started wearing slacks
And once she started wearing slacks, she didn't wear aprons any longer!

But grandma did
I don't think grandma ever wore a pair of slacks
And grandma was never in the house without an apron over her dress

I have one of her aprons

I hang it in the kitchen to remind me of her

I'm a messy cook.
I need an apron
Even though my dress tends to be jeans and pullovers

Therefore, whenever I'm in the kitchen,
I'm always in an apron!

A few years ago I bought a linen apron
Tough as iron, this linen apron
It doesn't tie but sort of wraps around you

And I must say that I do adore it
Wear it often
And it has the kitchen stains to prove it!
It's also handy as a garden apron!

Last year, for Mother's Day, I got a treasured apron

A Betty Crocker Test Kitchen Apron
from Daughter Sarah
(and a tour of the test kitchen as well!)

But it's too nice to use!

But since I live in a 1920s house
I decided that I wanted some 1920's aprons

I found a pattern for a 1928 "Bungalow" Apron
to wear in the kitchen of a 1920's house
although ours is a Four Square Craftsman
rather than a bungalow
It's close enough!

I ordered the pattern, it came

And it takes one yard of fabric cut on the bias!

I found great looking "vintage" fabric at Wal Mart
for $4.00 a yard

And I started sewing!
This orangey print looks 20s to me
This one is unlined and trimmed in bias tape.

The second one is lined
with a coordinating fabric
(it's the same as the background fabric -- just no cherries!)
(Oh, and since I was sewing, I made a tea cozy as well)

Big enough for the biggest teapots but yet, still usable for the little one!

You'll now find me in the kitchen with one of my new aprons!
Or taking tea in the breakfast room with my new cozy keeping my tea nice and hot!

Both are  perfect for my 1920s house!


Karen said...

My grandmother didn't start wearing slacks till she was in her 70's - and never did she wear a pair of jeans. She did eventually start wearing sweat pants toward the end of her life - only matching outfit type of course - and myself, I've always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. She was a fantastic cook - but I don't remember her wearing aprons, oddly enough. Yours is a treasure, and I think we lost something in the dressing down of Americans over the years.

Beth said...

Your aprons are pretty, Martha. I especially like the cherry pattern. My grandmother always wore an apron in the kitchen; my mother never did and likewise I never have. Yours were fun to see, though. Have a blessed week!

Sandra said...

How nice to have your Grandmother's apron hanging in your kitchen. A sweet reminder of her. My grandmother wore aprons. My mother did not. I have a special apron made for me by a dear friend. I like that you made yourself some aprons that are from the time period of your house! They turned out great. Love the tea cozy too. I need to get to my sewing room and start a collection of aprons and tea cozies of my own.

Pat said...

I so~o~o adore your apron!
I, too, wear an apron in the Kitchen!
I have several that tie at the neck. . .
and they are so~o`o uncomfortable!
The cherry print reminds me of my beloved Mother~in~law!