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Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Full English

I was at Sam's a month ago and why I looked in that particular
cooler, I don't know 
but my heart did a "petty pat"
when I saw 

European Center Cut Bacon
British Bacon!!!!

We've bought some over the years
But it's always pricey and you have to go way out of your way to find a story
that carries it.

We love British bacon
We love

A Full English
or a "Fry Up"

It's the breakfast that American breakfasts derive from . . . 

"Bacon", "sausages", eggs (always served basted), plus black pudding, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms

Americans have replaced the black pudding, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms for
hash browns!

But I really prefer "British style"!

 Served with toast and tea
(our first breakfast in England at our bed and breakfast the spring that we lived in England)

Coming home, I would fix a "Full English" as often as I could find the
ingredients . . .
The weeks leading up to St. Patrick's Day, Costco would have Irish bangers
and I'd stock up.
English Heinz beans are different than American Pork and Beans
And I don't sub!
I used to buy them at either the Commissary at Leavenworth or World Market
Six cans at a time!

My version of the "Full English" -- Heinz beans, Irish Bangars and eggs!

Served with coffee for Jim and tea for me

When we lived that Spring in England, I would do a Full English if we didn't want to be
out and about extra early
(our dining room at Blue Row)

Reminds me so of bed and breakfasts that we stayed at in England
A Full English for two!

 Underneath the egg there is always toast.
Not ordinary toast but a piece of fried toast

 Two more important parts of a Full English are:

Orange Marmalade
(served in my English orange marmalade jar)
Never any other kind of jam or jelly for breakfast --
Only orange marmalade!


The toast cooler
At least that is what Husband Jim calls it.
You put perfectly good hot toast in and carry it to the table
And then it is cold!!!!
I personally don't mind "cold" toast -- husband Jim does not!

You can find these silver plated toast coolers quite frequently
even in flea markets.
I think everyone who ever stayed in England and had one of these
on their breakfast table had to bring one home!!!!

With the bacon and a horde of Irish sausages in the freezer,
we've been having a full English every Saturday morning!

Sans beans, however!
I'm out!
And when I went to World Market yesterday to stock up,
they didn't carry them anymore!

I was devastated!

However, Amazon came through . . . 
next week, our Full English will be just that --
a Full English complete with beans!

It's my favorite breakfast
And it's fun to have a Full English every Saturday morning as a treat!


From the Kitchen said...

I am ever so grateful to the English for our breakfasts!! My mother was famous for her fried toast and I haven't had it in decades. Thanks for the reminder!!

Happy Mother's Day!!


50 and counting said...

We are extremely luck to have a butcher who is a Scot. Makes his own Black Pudding and cures his own bacon, Ayrshire style. Five varieties of sausages to pick from. He also imports some grocery items on the side. Heinz Beans and all varieties of HP Sauce.

Fried bread was never a favourite of mine.

Denise said...
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Denise said...

Very interesting information, beautiful and inviting table settings and the food looks delicious! I'll have to do some research to learn about "black pudding". Do you include it as part of your English breakfasts?