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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mailbox Update

Ages ago --
like a year or two after we moved to Linderhof
We found an antique looking cast aluminum mailbox
That we think fitted Linderhof

We had it on the right side of the drive . . .

And then moved it to the left side.
The boxwood, however, grew over the years and completely hid the mailbox

Why have a pretty mailbox when you can't see it!

When we first got it, we painted it white . . . because all the trim was white.
And then about 11 years or so ago we painted it what I thought was
British Mail Red with a British Racing Green Base

To show off the mailbox
When you got it, flaunt it!
We moved it back to the right side of the drive

And I debated paint colors.

The Royal mailboxes are, indeed, red.
The home mailboxes, alas are not

For I googled
They are all painted BLACK
with gold lettering

A more modern one

And one similar to mine, only it's wall mounted rather than post mounted.

Those mail boxes made my decision for me
Today, I repainted my mailbox!

with gold lettering!

I think it looks smashing in it's new location
with it's new paint job!
The brick, the black, the green!

It's understated
it fits a historic house, me thinks

It's there but is much more elegant than when it was red and green!


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Very elegant, indeed....Is your mail delivered into this box or is it an ornament for the house?

Karen said...

I love it! Nice touch to a charming home

Pat said...

Spot on!
Paint and placement are absolutely stunning!

lucy said...

Looks great Martha. Does the post office approves of it?

Anonymous said...

Black is by far its best incarnation! Very elegant, if one can say that about a mailbox.