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Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Queen and The Princess Take Tea

I waited for this day for six years
Ever since 2013 when first Granddaughter Lucy was born
And it finally came to be
A real Tea Party at a Tea Room With Lucy

We decided before we went that we would be a Queen and a Princess -
Nana would be Queen while Lucy was a Princess!

Our tea room of choice
The Mad Hatter in Anoka, Minnesota

I made reservations in June -- I wanted to be sure that there was room at the tea
table for the Queen and the Princess!

We were seated at a lovely table for two

And Lucy had her very own menu!

Which had entertainment on the back

Our server came and poured first Lucy's tea

Princess Tea

Her first sip.
She pronounced it "outstanding"
with notes of strawberry, lemon and mint!

And "Pinkies Up, Nana"

When I inquired as to how she knew that she replied,

"I'm a tea expert!"

Happy Smiles at her first "grown up" tea!

Our first of many birthday teas!

Lucy had the Children's Tea -- 
three sandwiches, a cupcake and applesauce
cucumber, brie and apple and turkey

I had the full tea -- savories, scones, sweets

My curate
(although I will admit that they got the scone and sandwiches courses mixed up --
it should be sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle and sweets on top -- you eat your way up the curate!)

My sandwiches -- cucumber, lemon caper dill, chicken salad on an orange blossom muffin,  old fashioned peas and cheese in a phyllo cup and blueberry, basil, brie bruschetta

A lavender orange scone and a vanilla scone served with lemon curd, orange marmalade and cream
(Lucy ate my vanilla scone but I got even, I ate her cucumber sandwich!)

A chocolate orange cupcake, a lemon cupcake and a jam tart!
We both were full and brought our desserts home!

Lucy stopped to admire the toadstools!

We both agreed that we would do this next year for her birthday!
We've started a tradition and what a great tradition it is!

On the way home . . . 

In the backseat . . . 
Having tea with a Queen wears the Princess out!


Bernideen said...

How darling and what a wonderful memory for her to always reflect on!

Beth said...

You are making precious memories, Martha!

Sarah said...

Your, Majesity, this is an adorable post start to sleepy finish. I have two great nieces that I'd love to start a tea tradition with. Sadly Austin is not the best resource for a tea room. I may just have to host it at home. Your little Princess Lucy is as cute as they come. Lucy you to have her in her life and you in her's.

From the Kitchen said...

Teas can tucker a princess out. I'm sure her dreams are of a perfect event--the first of many.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

What joy! This sort of tea time tradition is a wonderful one to share and continue!

acorn hollow said...

What fun!!!! Wonderful memories in the making

Anonymous said...

Lucy is a very pretty princess! Sweet memories with Nana ❤️

MarmePurl said...

Love in all directions,

Lythauslvr said...

What wonderfully sweet memories she will cherish with her Nana. Thank you for sharing♡your day with us. You make a great pair for tea.