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Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Cookbook Book Club -- Molly Yeh

Last night was Cookbook Club
At Linderhof
The Theme was Molly Yeah

Table is set and ready for company
Spode Blue Italian on rattan chargers
blue linen napkins
And my "normal" bouquet of flowers
which seemed cheery for a rainy February night

We had fun with Molly
She's young and vibrant and likes sprinkles!

And her food is good
Although we all agreed that she was a bit "putty"
And she did use unusual ingredients
Unusual ingredients that we couldn't find here so how did she find
them in the supermarket in her little town closet to her farm
on the Dakota/Minnesota border?

Since I was hostess, I provided the entree

Chicken Pot Hotdish
Hotdish, a Minnesota classic
cooked meat, frozen vegetables, a can of cream of soup and tater tots on top
But Molly takes it up a level -- with chicken, a white sauce, fresh vegetables
But still topped with the frozen tater tots
All put into a casserole and baked!

Michelle brought challah.
Michelle bakes bread so baking bread was not new to her
but braiding it was!
As a person who ate three pieces,
it was really good bread!

 Rita has starch and she chose the German potato salad.    It was really really good
and she says that she will make it again and others said that they would make it as well!

Angela brought grilled veggie salad with an avocado ranch dressing. Oh, my was this good -- I especially loved the dressing -- it would be good on anything!

Rhonda brought the other salad -- bagel salad.    With a lemony vinaigrette that was really good as well.    Besides being good at sprinkles, Molly is good at salad dressing!    This one had lettuces, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs (which some of us carefully picked around) plus homemade bagel croutons and cream cheese rolled in everything bagel seasoning.    I did notice when Rhonda went home, that although there was salad left, none of those cream cheese bites were!

Sara had vegetables and she was our over-achiever this time.    She brought two.   The roasted Brussel sprouts dish was very good and there was little left for her to take home!

Sara's other dish was creamed spinach with crispy cheese and she followed Molly's direction and used frozen spinach although she would have preferred fresh.    The crispy cheese definitely added to the dish!

Belynda had vegetable as well and brought the Brussels sprouts latkes which were really really good.    Several members had never had any kind of latkes.    We especially like the Dijon dipping sauce that accompanied the dish!

There's nothing like a Monster cookie and Donna chose that as her dessert.    She had wanted to make the lemon cake with cranberry glaze but upon coming home from work at 5:30 and noting that it was a 2 hour recipe, she decided to go with Plan B -- the cookies!     they were a perfect ending!   (and her grandchildren I'm sure enjoyed the leftovers!)

We never just have one dessert and since the member that was bringing the other dessert wasn't coming, I asked first one member if she would bring a dessert (she's always happiest when she gets to bring dessert - but she was too busy) and so I asked Donna who often brings two of whatever her category is but she was too busy as well, so I decided to go ahead and make something.
That lemon cake with cranberry glaze was enticing and I did have the 2 hours to do it, but decided that a cookie might be a better second dessert choice so I chose the salted chocolate rugalah.
With sprinkles!
They were very good and even our non-chocolate person ate one!

We did visit into the night and solved every problem in our town and the world!
We also noted that we are starting our sixth year of Cookbook Book Clubbing
and five of the original six members are still with us!

Next meeting is "smash burgers"!


Sandra said...

Beautiful table setting. All the food looks wonderful. You have been missed and I was so happy to see a post from you today!

Denise said...

It's wonderdful to be around your table again! And what a lovely table it is!
Thank you for sharing a bit of cookbook club with your readers. It sounds like you share a strong bond.

Beth said...

Missed hearing from you, Martha! Your table is pretty, as always, and the food looks delicious!

Pat said...

It all looks decadently divine!
But, I'm sure more than the food, the recipes and the gorgeous tablescape,
it's the friendship the laughter and comradery that you all look forward to each month!
Thank you for always inspiring!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Lovely photographs of a beautiful table and a delicious meal. I am so happy to read something at your blog again.

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