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Friday, March 6, 2020

The Flamingo Saga

What started out as one flamingo . . . 
four years ago, when on a shopping trip, Nana bought Lucy

a flamingo purse
(because she was a good little girl while her Mother shopped)
She's clutching her "prize" as we're leaving the store!

She still has the flamingo.
It's name went from "Mingo" to "Fleur"
Lucy names everything!!!

Fleur becasue it is a girl flamingo, silly!

Lucy decided that she needed a husband for Fleur . . . and some babies.
But in Minnesota, you don't run out and buy stuffed flamingos --
you don't run out and buy any kind of flamingos!

So she asked her Momma to call Nana
So Nana could make a husband and babies for Fleur
"because Nana can make anything"!


I certainly was challenged and how could I NOT live up to that comment --
"Nana can make anything"!

We convinced Lucy that only Mama Flamingos had purses
and that was one problem solved

I bought fleece  both pink and white
(because Lucy informed me that babies were white)

Before I could get Fleur's groom and babies made,
Lucy decided that they also needed wedding clothes!


I made a pattern for "Mingo"
(which is what Poppa Flamingo was to be named)
And cut it out and stitched it up!

I made the children more on the order of flamingo Christmas ornaments -- only white!
(and they were hand stitched!)

And I was pleased with how they turned out.

As to the wedding clothes,
I had leftover sparkly pink tulle from Halloween costumes

It made a great veil!

And I made a black and white bow tie for Mingo that could be slipped on and off.
The children got no clothes -- they were children after all.

Once made, I packed them in a box and shipped them off to Minnesota
They arrived!

And Lucy was elated and still thinks "Nana can make anything"!!!!

I could not create a family for Lucy without doing something for Piper.    Her request was much simpler for she not only had a mama cat, she had kittens so all she asked for was a Daddy Cat.
Which I found at Wal Mart.
I made his bow tie and I made a veil for her momma cat.

She was as happy as Lucy over her animal family
and loves her big cat.

The girls had to create special beds in their room that night for their families
and before they could hop in their beds, they had to tuck their
families in.

I have come to the realization that I was born to be a Nana . . . 
It is a joy to please these little girls.


Pat said...

I never doubted that this Nana would do anything but rise to the "call"!
Precious Grand Girls. . .blessed Nana!
Blessings abound!

LEfting said...

Lucy was right! Grandma CAN make anything! The new stuffies are gorgeous, congratulations!

Sandra said...

You are a great Nana and your grand girls are lucky to have you make all their dreams come true. You did a great job on their gifts.

Lady of the Manor said...

Oh my, these are so cute! Yes, Nana CAN make anything! SO cute!

Francie Newcomb said...

I loved this story, Martha. Your granddaughters are adorable and they are of course entirely correct about their Nana.

Denise said...

A story and memories to treasure. And the flamingos are so cute!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

What darling granddaughters! And I see you ARE a Nana who can do anything!