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Monday, July 6, 2020

The Lamps of Linderhof

I have a lamp fetish.
I love lamps
I adore lamps

But latest obsession are oil lamps
"electrified" oil lamps

They're quite 20s because of the Colonial Revival going on
in the 20s
You find lots of Duncan Phyfe and Chippendale furniture
And you'll find reproduction "electric" oil lamps

So I think these "oil" lamps fit the style of my house
Some are new -- 70's (1970's) probably
while others are genuine and, therefore, old

This one is a kerosene lamp
And old kerosene lamp
It was my mother's and either her mother's or her grandmother's
I'm sure there is a way to date it but I'm not sure how
It's kept in the kitchen
and used for electrical outage emergencies

These are Argand lamps
from the 20s I'm guess by the plugs
for yes, they are electric
And I'm not sure they were ever oil
I wanted one (or to be greedy a pair) "forever" and one day there was an estate
sale and there they were -- for a measly sum compared to what similar lamps are selling for on ebay!
I couldn't wait to bring them home!

A banquet lamp.   It's newish.  And one of a pair.    I'm thinking probably 70s reproduction.
From a dear friend and I think of her often when her lamps are lit at night!

My pride and joy -- a Sinumba lamp
although I do think it's a 20s reproduction rather than an early 1800s one that has been electrified
I love the prisms and how they shine in the daylight reflecting the sun or shine at night reflecting the bulb.

Two old oil lamps that have been electrified.    Almost a matched pair (the shades are a bit different)

Another Sinumbra lamp.
Also a reproduction, I would assume.
It's smaller than the living room one
And was my first!

These have a name and I've forgotten what it is!
But a pair.    Reproduction for sure.   But a lovely globe and colonial prisms

An electrified "whale oil" lamp.    With shade instead of globe.
I also think this is a 20s reproduction but it's perfect beside the chaise in the bedroom

A pair of dressing table lamps.    I think these are probably 40s and were meant to be used on a dressing table or a sideboard -- a Duncan Phyfe sideboard!

A sweet little lamp.    With prisms and a sin umbra type shade.
It's not all that old -- 40s or perhaps 50s I'm assuming.
Bought when our daughter lived in Buffalo.
I left it at the antique shop there, regretted it, called them and they sold it to me over the phone and shipped it -- I regret leaving it but have never regretted sending for it!

A lovely lamp that I bought at a church bazaar silent auction
(And paid much more than I like to pay for lamps).
I assumed it was a 50s/60s reproduction.

Imagine my surprise when I inquired on a vintage lamp facebook page
to find this:

So it's old and not new.
Much older than I thought and has been electrified
And the enormous sum I paid for it is a paltry price for what I got!

A true Aladdin that has been electrified
Bought, actually, at the same antique mall that the dresser lamps came from.
That shop has always had a good selection of lamps!

I am happy for once at the lamps that light Linderhof.
There are a few more -- none of them oil lamps or oil lamp wannabes
for they're floor lamps and provide good task light.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your passion of lamps! I love them too. I especially love seeing the ones that have the prisms. I have one pair of lamps that I bought in the 1970's and it was only around 2010 that I added prisms...and I love them all the more now. All your lamps are beautiful and I truly do appreciate your sharing them. You make me want to start redecorating my whole house.

Q said...

Lovely, Martha. Thank you.

Louca por porcelana said...

WOW!!!Amazing vignettes and wonderful lamps!