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Thursday, February 25, 2021

There is a Difference . . .

Between soup and bouillon

And what you serve them in!

Back in the day, dinner parties would often start with a cup of bouillon

What is bouillon?    How does it differ from soup?

Bouillon is a savory liquid made of water in which bones, meat or vegetables have been simmered.
It could be beef -- it could be chicken 
But for dinner parties beef was the bouillon of choice.

But you couldn't just serve bouillon in a soup bowl --

No, you had to have a special dish for it

A bouillon cup!

Two handled because you could pick it up by the handles and drink it

It is the same size and shape as a cup

The only difference being that it has a handle on both sides.

But then there is that other two handled cup that comes with china


It's a cream soup bowl
No hostess would think of serving cream soups in a bouillon cup
nor bouillon in a cream soup bowl

As you can see, it's bigger and wider than a regular cup
It holds much more soup
But then a small cup of bouillon would probably satisfy you
While you would like a little more cream soup 

And they each came with their own spoon
A spoon for cream soup on the left and a bouillon spoon on the right
(it's a wee spoon compared to the soup spoon)

I love to compare the sizes

I am sure sone china comes with both a bouillon cup and a cream soup bowl
But neither of mine did -- it was one or the other!

For those interested -- the pattern on the left is Aynsley Pembroke while the pattern on the right is Noritake Duluth

There is nothing like a bowl of cream soup
to start a luncheon or dinner!


Anonymous said...

Well, I just got an education! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I knew of the soup bowls, but not the bouillon ones!!

Beth said...

I enjoyed this post a lot, Martha. Your commitment to tablescaping and dining elegance makes for a wonderful read!

Anonymous said...

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