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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

One Chicken Equals Many Meals

I'm not into rotisserie chicken
It's much easier and cheaper to get a whole bird and roast it yourself!

And whole it's roasting the whole house smells wonderful!!!!

For Sunday Lunch this week, I bought a whole chicken
A nice plump bird, it was
And I roasted it -- I'm of the school of low and slow
It took about 3 hours and perhaps it's not roasting but rather baking
But I still call it a "roast chicken"!

And while it's baking, the whole house smells amazing!

SUNDAY Lunch was Roast Chicken
Served with potatoes, whole small onions and carrots roasted with the chicken

MONDAY Dinner was Chicken Pot Pie
A favorite of both Jim and I . . . . 
And the pot pie provided Tuesday and Wednesday Lunch!

TUESDAY Dinner was "Hen" Soup
The bones were simmered slowly along with Sunday's leftover vegetables and gravy
This broth was strained and any meat was put back in the broth
For dinner, I added potatoes, carrots and onion and simmer till all was tender.
I garnished with parsley
It made a great dinner last night
And will make a great Thursday lunch

WEDNESDAY Dinner will be curried chicken salad

The breast made into chicken salad with Thea addition of celery and nuts and mayonnaise and curry powder.     The breast will be just enough for dinner for two tonight!

Tomorrow lunch will be the last bowls of soup.

Not bad for a $6 investment!


Q said...

Nicely done! It all looks delicious.

Denise said...
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Denise said...

Your posts are always so inspiring. Thank you!

Also, your cooking, baking, plating and photos are lovely!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I love a chicken because you can make so many dishes from the leftovers! Chicken pot pie is my favourite!