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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Crystals of Linderhof

I love crystals
Especially when they're hanging from a pretty lamp or sconce or candlestick
I love the color, too, when the sun shines directly on them.

It's a rainy day on the prairie
A good day to polish crystals!
(With a new method which seems to be the best I've tried so far!)

My crystals . . . from room to room

An Astral lamp with long prisms in the living room

 The scones over the living room  fireplace -- not original to the house but a 1946 addition
when the house was "colonialized"

Hurricane candle holders on the living room mantle -- crystal themselves with long plain prisms
A souvenir of a trip to Wisconsin

One of a pair of argand lamps on the dining room fireplace
They're plain prisms but rather short ones!

One of a pair of Fostoria double candleholders
Usually they take pride of place on the dining room table

A simple pair of pressed glass candleholders on the sideboard in the breakfast room

I'm sure the type of lamp has a name but I don't know what it is
but the prisms are fairly long and fairly plain
One of a pair that got separated at birth -- this one resides in the guest room --
it's twin in the front bedroom

A lamp from Buffalo, New York (and it has a much longer story)
that sheds light on the chest in the front bedroom

The other twin

In the front bedroom for nighttime reading

A smaller astral lamp with cut glass prism on a little table (from friend Sally)
in the front bedroom by the reading chair

A set of sconces that match the ones in the living room -- above the front bedroom fireplace


Every girl needs some light shed on her dressing table.    These prisms are on the pair of lamps that light up the dressing table.

And the only chandelier that has prisms.    In the front bedroom.

Prism cleaning is no fun!
I've dried the drip stuff but found that it left little dirty drips at the ends of the prisms.
It's a pain to take off each prism, wash in a sudsy Dawn bath, rinse, dry and put back on
But that's really the best method.
Which is why prism washing is a once a year affair!

But then I bought some Dawn Power Wash
I love it for certain things.
Today, I got the brilliant idea that it might be a great prism cleaner.

IT IS!!!!

Spray the prism (on the lamp or sconce), wipe the Dawn off with a wet cloth and follow up with a dry one.
They are sparkling and would be even more so if there was sunlight shining in today!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Martha. Your lamps are beautiful.

Terra said...

You found a great method for cleaning prisms and your collection is gorgeous.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your prisms and your method for cleaning. I really enjoy your posts!

CharlotteKrag said...

Your lamps and prisms are all so beautiful! And I love Dawn Power Wash! ❣️

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What lovely lamps and prisms! I love prisms too, and have since I was a little girl. said...

I had not realized how many chandeliers, lamps and sconces we have that have prisms hanging on them. Thank you for mentioning Dawn Power Wash. I added it to my grocery list to use on these.

Sandra said...

I am always on the lookout as to how I can add some prisms to my home. They add a special sparkle. Thanks for the tip on how to clean them.

Kimberly said...

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